New Anti-Counterfeit Operating Instruction
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Dear Zi Xiu Tang Customers:
The manufacturer of Zi Xiu Tang has created a new Product Security Code System for monitoring the authenticity of their product in the US market. This methodology will assist the manufacturer in collecting feedback on the quality of their products and allow customers to identify and report counterfeit products. Please use the following process to check the authenticity of your product:
1) Scratch the code on the label for 16  numbers.
2) Visit website
3) Click Tab of Anti-counterfeiting Inquires .
4) Type 16 numbers into blank
5) Click Submit Query
6) Information below shown up

A) As right code is entered, you will see:
The query product is genuine product made by Guangzhou Zixiutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,
B) As wrong code is entered, you will see:
The query product is counterfeit
C) As the code is used more times, you will see:
The query numbers have been used more than once, be cautious of counterfeit product.

Per:Announcement of Authorized seller [2011-7-7 14:36:03]